2008 Haas EC-1600 4-Axis – ID#30953

2008 Haas EC-1600 4-Axis – ID#30953


Table/Pallet: Width 36 "
Length 64 "
Number of Table/Pallet(s) 1
Maximum Load 10,000 lbs
Travels: X-Axis Travel 64 "
Y-Axis Travel 40 "
Z-Axis Travel 32 "
Spindle: Spindle Speed: Minimum (RPM) 0 rpm
Maximum 6000 rpm
Spindle Taper 50
Main Motor (HP) 30 hp
Tool Changer: Tool Changer Positions 50 atc
Equipped With: Haas 4-Axis CNC Control with 15" Color LCD Monitor
USB Port, Memorylock Keyswitch, Rigid Tapping, Power Failure Detection
Module, 1MB Program Memory, Remote Jog Handle with Color LCD.
Purchased Opts: Full 4th-Axis Built-in Rotary Platter
Machine Enclosure for EC-1600 includes Coolant System and Dual Augers.
Programmable Coolant Nozzle
Hard Disk Drive (40GB) and Ethernet Interface
Spindle Orientation
Visual Quick Code Programming System
Wireless Intuitive Probing System
Auxiliary Coolant Filter System
Through Spindle Coolant (300 PSI)
Coordinate Rotation and Scaling
5th-Axis Drive and Wiring

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