2008 Haas TM-1P – ID#30754

2008 Haas TM-1P – ID#30754


Table: Width 10.5 "
Length 47.75 "
Maximum Table Load 1000 lbs
Travels: X-Axis Travel 30 "
Y-Axis Travel 12 "
Z-Axis Travel 16 "
Spindle Nose to Table Top Minimum 4 "
Maximum 20 "
Spindle: Spindle Speed: Minimum (RPM) 0 rpm
Maximum 4000 rpm
Spindle Taper 40
Main Motor (HP) 7.5 hp
Tool Changer: Tool Changer Positions 10 atc
Equipped With: Haas CNC Control with Color LCD Monitor
Intuitive Programming System
16MB Program Memory
4th-Axis Drive and Wiring
High Flow Coolant Pump Kit
Wireless Intuitive Probing System
Rigid Tapping
Visual Quick Code
Coordinate Rotation and Scaling
Spindle Orientation
10 Position ATC
Note: From R&D less than 1000 hours of use

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